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Original Hermann Weissenborn 'Italian Madonna' | 1920er *SOLD*
Original Hermann Weissenborn 'Italian Madonna' | 1920er *SOLD*
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Original Hermann Weissenborn Style 3 | ca 1927 *SOLD* 0.00EUR
[inkl. 19% MwSt zzgl. Versandkosten]


Deutscher Artikeltext folgt umgehend. Hier zunächst die englische Beschreibung der Weissenborn Style 3:

Mr Hermann Weissenborn built the majority of his hollow-necked Hawaiian steel guitars during the 1920's, in a time where all things Hawaiian were the rage. His instruments are unlike anything imaginable to someone who's not experienced one first hand, and their tone is the stuff of legend for any vintage flat-top player. The old original Weissenborns are generally featherweight and hugely resonant, loud and complex, and can have the expressivity of a piano with its sustain pedal engaged. These are remarkably fine sounding guitars and here we have an exceptionally fine specimen of Hermann Weissenborn's instruments:

Near mint original Hermann Weissenborn Style 3 from 1927 - sounds amazing; it has a ton of low end, and also so beautiful mids and highs which are typical for the Weissenborn sound. Perfect.

There are no cracks or splits, but of course the 90 year old instrument does show signs of light use.

Taken from the Tonk brothers Co catalogue from the late 1920’s the Style three is described as: Entire body-top, bottom and side- made for specally selected beautifully marked genuine Koa. Fingerboard of specially selected Koa with extra fancy position marks and fretted with white holly. Edges of top of body, also finger-board and soundhole, surrounded with rope binding. Beautiful finish hand rubbed to a high gloss thoughout. Body depth 3 inches.

Feel free to contact us for further detail photos.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sunday, 09. July 2017 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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