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Electric Kona Lap Guitar by Melophonic's | M. Humbert (FR)
Electric Kona Lap Guitar by Melophonic's | M. Humbert (FR)
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Electric Kona Lap Guitar by Melophonic's | M. Humbert (FR) 3,319.00EUR
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Deutscher Artikeltext folgt umgehend. Zunächst die englische Beschreibung:

Wow - one might think Mr Hermann Weissenborn built an electric Kona. Imagine an old Kona and its beautiful tone just with all the specs of a modern electric lap steel guitar...

Well yes, whatever :) if Weissenborn wanted to build an electric Kona he first would have stopped by at the Melophonic's workshop and have a chat with the so fine talented luthier Matthieu Humbert.

Electric Kona specs are:

Koa top

Mahogany body and neck

Custom Creamery Pickups - 2x handwound alnico PAF 59's replicas

Schaller grandtune tuners

Russian PIO caps and CTS pots

Thin PU finish

And another very cool spec: the Electric Kona is equipped with a hidden NFC (Near Field Communication) tag. This tag contains all the technical data and main specs of the instrument as Serial Number, materials etc... Just download a NFC Reader app on your smartphone, find the sweet spot (right between the right bottom edge of the bridge and the tone know), and flash it in order to get all relevant infos. Wow, what cool feature!!!

Oh! And here are some detailed Pics of the beauty:

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Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sonntag, 09. Juli 2017 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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